Angel Gabriel Zelaya Viera

In our educational center, there is a remarkable young boy who is the son of one of our dedicated teachers. For over 11 years, his parent has been serving as a teacher, imparting knowledge and guidance to students like him.

Despite the demanding role of being a teacher, this parent goes above and beyond their duties. They actively contribute to the growth and development of our educational center, participating in various activities that enhance the learning experience for all students.

This young boy’s family situation relies solely on his parent’s income. As the sole provider, his parent works tirelessly to support their household and ensure that their two daughters, who are also studying at our center, receive a quality education.

This young boy’s story serves as a testament to the importance of education and the remarkable efforts made by parents and teachers in shaping the lives of students. It is a reminder of the sacrifices made by families to provide a better future for their children and the profound impact

that dedicated educators have on nurturing young minds.

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