Elizabeth Abigail García Martínez

In the Gerizim church community, there is a young girl whose family faces economic challenges. Despite their limited resources, her parent holds a deep desire for their daughter to receive an education in a center that upholds Christian principles and offers English language instruction. Recognizing the value of a well-rounded education, this parent dreams of providing their daughter with an opportunity to flourish academically while nurturing her spiritual growth. They understand that an education grounded in Christian values can instill important principles and guide her on a path of compassion, integrity, and personal development.

Additionally, they believe that acquiring English language skills will open doors to broader opportunities for their daughter’s future. By equipping her with English proficiency, they hope to empower her to communicate effectively and engage with a globalized world.

Despite their financial limitations, this family’s unwavering hope and determination are a testament to their deep commitment to their daughter’s education. They aspire to provide her with an environment that fosters both academic excellence and a strong moral foundation.

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